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  • Premature agind skin

    From the lightest blonde to the deepest redhead, we all suffer from the same issue, premature aging of the skin. We are more sensitive to the elements than brunettes’ or ladies with ebony hair.  Why is that? I think that our skin does not have as much melanin and dries out quickly in the summer and winter months. Men also suffer from premature aging of the skin, and the perfect example is Robert Redford. Continue reading

  • Do you remember Eliot Spitzer?

    It was about 8 years ago and I was with my oldest daughter in New York City. She had an interview for Medical School. So she left early in the morning and I was just killing time watching news. First it was a crane that collapsed in Manhattan and then it was Eliot Spitzer, the New York State Governor resigning after just a year on the job due to a prostitutes ring scandal.

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  • United States Presidential Elections, Which Hair Style Are You Going to Vote for?

    What is the connection between hair style and the elections? I'll get to that in a minute. The news cycles about USA Presidential Elections start about a year before the real event. This year election will be on Tuesday, November 8.

    Do you know which Hair Style Are You Going to Vote for?

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  • Hair loss treatment 4 things you should know about

    Is hair loss hereditary?

    Partly true, about hair loss, while men have the X chromosome (the primary baldness gene) from their mother they may also inherit male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia) if their father is bald. Male pattern baldness may begin as early as age 20.

    It begins as a receding hairline and progresses across the crown, this could take anywhere from 15-20 years to go totally bald: in rare cases some men have gone completely bald in 5 years or less. The hair follicle becomes smaller, growing shorter and finer strands of hair until eventually it stops producing hair altogether. Continue reading

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