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Certified 100% Natural Cosmetics from organic sources.

Do NOT contain water, paraben, petrolatum, siloxanes, sodium laureth sulfate, triclosan or other chemicals ingredients.

100% Safe for all skin types.

Natural Ingredients

Our company aims to provide all customers with original and natural solutions, beneficial against challenges faced from our environment by their bodies, hair or skin,. 
Studying ancient sources and popular recipes long forgotten, we rediscovered combinations and natural ingredients with miraculous results. 
Human skin is the largest organ and its importance should be reminded, understanding why man since ancient times always thought of solutions to protect skin from weather, diseases or aging.

Organic Ingredients

raw honeyRaw honey is naturally antibacterial, therefore it helps you get rid of the dermatological problems of the scalp and prevents their reoccurrence. The anti-oxidants from honey play an important part in this process.


propollis ingredientPropolis, used by numerous ancient civilizations (Romans, Greeks, Egyptians) is a natural antibiotic that helps treat dermatological problems and stops bacteria from spreading. It soothes inflammations and reduces pain in the affected areas. It is also good for the regeneration of the skin and keeps it healthy, clear and beautiful. Propolis nourishes and strengthens the hair and the scalp. It makes the hair softer and shiny and also helps speed up hair growth. Propolis contains nutritional attributes that have proved to give the skin and scalp a boost of energy.


honecombHoneycomb has antibacterial, emollient, moisturizing, soothing and softening properties.


oliv oilOlive oil is, just like honey, better if it hasn’t gone through any heating processes. NATURAL COSMETICS uses extravirgin olive oil (cold processed, which means that it was directly extracted from the olive fruit by grinding it in thermal conditions that help preserve its properties). It is the perfect natural moisturizer both for your hair and your skin, as its chemical structure is the closest to the oil in our skin than any other natural oil. It’s also good for soothing and healing irritated skin because it has regenerative properties. Olive oil is always a good choice for people with sensitive skin. It’s good for those who suffer from hair-loss because it stimulates hair growth. It protects the hair from external factors such as strong sunrays, dirt and pollution. With olive oil, damaged hair regains its smoothness and strength. Not only does olive oil nourish the hair, but it also fights dandruff with excellent results.


cinnamon ingredientCinnamon (cinnamon pulvis), improves blood circulation of the scalp, which stimulates hair growth. It has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties which help treat dermatological problems of the scalp and fight dandruff. It makes your hair look healthy, strong and beautiful.


rosemary ingredientRosemary (rosmarinus officinalis) is nutritional both for the scalp and hair. It increases blood circulation of the scalp, prevents hair loss and stimulates follicles, which helps intensify hair growth. It also prevents premature hair greying because it promotes pigmentation in the hair. It has detoxifying and disinfecting properties and helps fight dandruff. This stimulating, refreshing and calming ingredient is excellent for shiny and healthy hair.


jasmine ingredientJasmine (philadelphus coronarius) is a splendid moisturizer for the hair and scalp. It is good for strengthening hair roots, which makes your hair look healthier and stronger. Due to its antimicrobial properties, this ingredient helps cure dermatological problems of the scalp. It stimulates blood circulation and encourages hair growth. It protects damaged hair affected by hair dryers and other harsh hair treatments. One more ingredient for shiny, smooth and healthy hair.

bee bread ingredientBee bread protects the skin against dehydration and has boosting effects for the skin. It is antibacterial, anti-aging and keeps the skin smooth and beautiful.